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A heart for wood!

“Wood - when purchased from a sustainable source like FSC - is a great raw material”. It is environmentally friendly and renewable. And there are many more reasons to prefer certified wood. Wood has as natural and renewable raw material whole what advantages compared to other materials. What though is important is to be aware to choose wood carefully from responsible forest management.
Our products carry an FSC label and/or comply with the FLEGTs / EUTR standards (which represent the legal and guarantee sustainable origin). By choosing our products you actively contribute to a better environment. All our wood types are obtained in a sustainable way


The Forest Stewardship Council

(FSC®) is an international non-profit organization, founded in 1993. They strive for a sustainable forest management worldwide, according to strict social, environmental and economic criteria. By choosing wood products with an FSC claim, you contribute to a responsible management of forests worldwide.


Ask for our FSC certified Products. We are happy to tell you more about!



In addition, our material meets to the terms of the FLEGT Action plan. FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Policy. That plan lays down the EU regulations regarding illegal logging and ensures that it imported timber from legal origin. Every country has its own label, controlled by the government.

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